Bluenose Ghosts

Bluenose Ghosts is an immersive theatre piece created by Second Sight Collective, based on Helen Creighton’s collection of Nova Scotia folklore by the same name. When we tell stories, we share an expression of our perception of that experience. These are stories about our relationship to the shadows in our periphery, to magic and illusion and the supernatural, and to the balance between the darkness and the light.

Bluenose Ghosts had a six-week intensive creation internship at the National Theatre School (Montreal, QC) where were given the opportunity to explore the potential envelope of this production. This time, under the mentorship of Clea Minaker (a shadow puppeteer, designer and director), was integral to the development of this piece. We have since received a Theatre Engaging Communities grant from the National Theatre School, and a Grant-in-Aid from the Helen Creighton Folklore Society to continue developing the piece.

Bluenose Ghosts will be presented from June 25 – July 5, 2015 in the Halifax Regional Municipality, Annapolis Valley and South Shore of Nova Scotia. More details about the performance will be released here in the coming weeks.


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