Courtney Harris is a stage manager, singer, puppeteer and collaborator, originally from the Annapolis Valley, NS. She now resides in Halifax, after graduating from Acadia University’s Theatre program (performance stream) in 2012, and has found herself quickly immersed in the generous Halifax arts community. Though her experience is split between performance and production, Courtney is steadily emerging as a professional theatre artist. She is a passionate creator with widespread artistic exploration, with special interest in mask­making, shadow puppetry, theatrical prop building, scenic painting, baking, sculpture, herbalism and traditional Maritime music. She is captivated by stories and fascinated with light.

Collaboration is a fundamental element of Courtney’s artistic practice, and she is keen to help facilitate community growth. Currently, she is working with Misery Loves Theatre Co. to create a touring piece for elementary schools about World War I. She has also been working with local musicians to perform live projection art during their sets. Courtney was last summer’s Residency Coordinator for the White Rabbit Arts residency and a core creator of the Circus of the Normal collective. She was the resident Space Manager for DaPoPo Theatre’s Live-­In Festival (October 2013), an annual professional development festival that offers a month of daily events. She has worked with several other theatre companies, notably The Villian’s Theatre (formerly Vile Passeist Theatre), Lunasea Theatre, Zuppa Theatre Co. and has spent summers on the Stage Management teams at the Gros Morne Theatre Festival (2012-13) and Festival Antigonish Summer Theatre (2010-11).


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